For many people, the call to service involves the sacrament of marriage. We follow the Diocese in these guidelines:

To be married in a Catholic Church, the person must be a member of the parish or have a letter of permission from the home parish. At least one of the couple must belong to a parish.

A priest should be contacted at least six months before a definite wedding date is set. More time should be allowed if extra work is involved in preparation. Only the priest will schedule the wedding in the parish calendar. He will do that only after meeting with the couple to determine that they can enter into marriage.

Several meetings with the priest, other parish staff, and other couples are part of the regular program of preparation.

Divorce and Annulments

Divorces and annulments are not uncommon in our modern society. The statistics in the general population prove true within our own community. We will work with people who seek a divorce and annulment.

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