Are you called to serve?

The future practice of our faith depends very strongly on those who respond to a call to service as priests, deacons, or religious. We trust that the supporting prayer of our community, along with the example and interest of our staff are part of that call to service.

Information on vocations in the Diocese of Green Bay can be found here

Community support for vocations involves any of the following"

  1. Prayer
  2. A positive way of speaking about priests, deacons, brothers, and sisters.
  3. An encouragement of young people who seem interested in Church service.
  4. Helping the family know the priest or sister personally.
  5. An awareness of where the Church is today.

The Priesthood

On August 1, 2010 Fr. Daniel Schuster became the vocation director for the Diocese of Green Bay.

Fr. Schuster travels to parishes throughout the diocese where he preaches, invites, and motivates the many people who have a calling from God. You will often hear him say, "Your vocation is your vehicle for salvation!"

He also works with seminarians who are studying in formation, and those who live at the Xavier House in De Pere, WI. The Xavier House of Discernment has openings for young men in college, men working or serving as volunteers, and men who work for professional settings who desire to live in community while discerning the possibility of the priesthood.

Fr. Schuster also maintains connections with the Serra Clubs, Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Schools, parish RE programs, and CYE in his role in encouraging and supporting vocations in the church.

Fr. Schuster would love to talk to you if you feel that you experiencing a call to the priesthood. Please contact us if you would like us to visit your school, church, or organization. We love to talk about our relationship with Christ and the Church, and we love to talk about the gift of the priesthood.


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The Permanent Diaconate

A deacon is an ordained man who has received special formation and training to serve the Church. He lives a life of service that integrates family life, the workplace, the community, and ministry. His life of service is generally rooted within his parish and extends in outreach to the community and those on the margins. His threefold ministry includes: service of the word, service of liturgy, service of charity, and justice and pastoral outreach. The first deacons began serving the church at the same time of the Apostles.

Who are Deacons?

A Catholic deacon is a member of the clergy. In the Catholic Church, "the clergy" consists of three groups of ordained ministers: bishops, priests, and deacons. While all members of the church are called to minister to others by virtue of their baptism, some Catholics are also ordained to specific forms of ministry to serve the rest of the Church.

For additional information on the diaconate formation process for the Diocese of Green Bay, contact : Deacon Paul Grimm.


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