Road Construction

As you may know, GEIGER ST. and some neighboring streets are being entirely redone this week and ending in August.

     This is an opportunity to practice the Christian virtues of patience, hospitality, and positive attitudes as we deal with the inevitable difficulties that will come along.  It’s a good time to be grateful for the infrastructure we have!

     Parish and school staff are working closely with the City of Neenah to accommodate our community and building needs during the project.  While we can’t foresee every challenge, here are a few important highlights:

  • WEEKENDS should generally have Geiger St. open for CHURCH traffic (e.g. dropping passengers at circle drive-up). 
  • WEEKEND PARKING should be available in both lots. WEEKEND street parking may be available, but could be messy.
  • WEEKDAY traffic for SCHOOL will be communicated via Mrs. Jeanine Leege, principal.
  • WEEKDAY traffic for PARISH OFFICE will mostly go through the WEST parking lot, using access from Green Bay Rd.
  • WEEKDAY traffic for OTHER EVENTS (Bible Study, most meetings) will generally go through the EAST parking lot, using access from Western Ave.
  • FUNERAL traffic will mostly be routed to the EAST parking lot (NO street parking), accessing from Western Ave. Exceptions may be made if we expect a particularly large attendance.
  • EVENING parking (not overnight!) may be available on Geiger Street.

We will try to keep the parish community updated. Please communicate any serious concerns to parish or school office. God bless you for your patience and understanding!


Submitted by Lori Lynch
Date Published: 03/16/2018