Parish Council

  • Wally Thomson

    Anita and I have been attending St. Gabriel Parish since we moved to Neenah in 1989. Over the years my wife and I have been involved in the parish in various ways including our children's school activities and many years of working on the Parish Round Up. I have always enjoyed the sense of community from being engaged in parish community. I am very excited about the future of St. Gabriel Parish and grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people. 

  • Sara Van Frachen

    My husband and I were raised Catholic and were married in the Catholic Church in 1993. We had such a desire to learn more about the Bible we attended Charis Bible College in Colorado for two years. I started coming to St. Gabriel Parish because of the wonderful Thursday Bible studies and knew this would be my church to call home. I have a passion for discipleship and I want all Catholics to desire and pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ. I look forward to serving the St. Gabriel Parish community. 

  • Fr. Larry Seidl

  • Deacon Tom Gritton

    Deacon Tom has  been a parish member since 1990. He has been a Winnebago County Circuit judge since 2000. He was ordained to the diaconate on May 13, 2017. His hope for St. Gabriel Parish in the future is to provide a parish open to all people wanting to follow their Catholic faith. If any parish member wants to talk, get more involved, or has questions or suggestions for the parish please feel free to contact me. 

  • Bill Hanley

  • Lynn Hopfensperger

    My Catholic upbringing started at Holy Name Church in Kimberly and I have always been steered by what I learned when I was young. I love people and kids and I have made some great friends in the church. One of my favorite lines is when someone wants to judge another person I point up and say He's the only one that should be judging! I hope that all of us on the parish council can make you want to be more involved. 

  • Georgia Juneau

    I began working in the CFC office (Christian Formation Center) 21 years ago. I am the administrative Assistant and handle all of the registrations, billings, postings of Sacramental information, keeping track of our St. Gabriel students and where they are attending school. The CFC is wonderful place to work. I joined the Parish Council eight years ago as their secretary. The council is not just a place where we discuss business. We do a book study for a third of the time, each member takes a turn sharing a reflection for another third and then onto business. These two areas of involvement in our Parish have helped my faith grow. 

  • Gary Kresal

    I have been a parish member since 1997 when my family relocated. Along with being a member I have attended Bible study and been involved in the Evangelical Catholic small group process, both as a participant and co-facilitator with my wife Mary. My wife and I facilitate a class for first time Baptism parents to prepare them for their upcoming child's baptism. As I become more involved in my Catholic religion I have changed my way of looking at God to working towards a personal relationship with Jesus. I invite everyone to seek and deepen your personal relationship with Jesus on a daily basis. 

  • Dan Matthews

  • Steve Pable

    Steve came to St. Gabriel Parish in the summer of 2004, after some years of teaching and business. He met his wife at St. Norbert College. After starting as CFC director at St. Gabriel, Steve studied summers for his M.A. in Theology at the University of Notre Dame in 2011. In 2015, he shifted gears at St. Gabriel Parish to become Pastoral Associate. In this role, he has responsibility for a variety of areas, such as evangelization and discipleship formation, ministry to hospitalized or homebound, preparation for baptisms and and funerals.

  • George Reckin

    I've been attending St. Gabriel Parish since my family moved here in 1983. After being involved in the RCIA program, I became Catholic at the Easter Vigil in April of 2012. The RCIA experience was one of the best experiences of my life. Before RCIA my relationship with God was primarily a personal experience. While in RCIA I shared my faith with others and strengthened it through what others shared with me. This has encouraged me to love and serve others, becoming more involved with Saint Gabriel, and joining the parish council. As I grow in my Catholic faith, I hope to meet many of you during this journey, so that we can share our faith and support each other to love and serve the Lord.


  • Phil Sprangers

  • Lisa Van Dyke

  • Mike Van Dyke

    I have been a family parish member since 1991, and I have been married to my wife Lisa for 30 years. I have three daughters that live in Chicago, Minnesota, and Sun Prairie. I am a member of the parish council and heavily involved in the Buildings and Grounds committee. I am also a Parish trustee and on the Finance Committee. I have assisted Lisa in organizing the St Nick Social and the bingo for the parish. My faith journey has dramatically changed since joining parish council and attending Cursillo. 

  • Gerry Van Handel

    I've served on the St. Gabriel Council in various capacities on and off for about 40 years. During that time, the Council has undergone several transformations. I have to say the current iteration, with its emphasis on New Evangelization, is the most exciting so far. I look forward to the privilege and opportunity to move our parish forward, guided by our parish mission, while striving to enhance our personal and and communal relationship with Jesus Christ.